Tax bands for all cars sold in the UK from 2001 to the present day
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VariantCCTransmissionFuelYearTax band (1/4/17 on)Tax band (pre 1/4/17)
Hyundai ix20 1.4l Blue Drive1396ManualPetrol2015GD
Hyundai ix20 1.4l CRDi1396ManualDiesel2011GC
Hyundai ix20 1.4l CRDi1396ManualDiesel2012GC
Hyundai ix20 1.4l CRDi Blue Drive1396ManualDiesel2015FB
Hyundai ix20 1.4l CRDi with ISG1396ManualDiesel2012GC
Hyundai ix20 1.4l DOHC1396ManualPetrol2011GD
Hyundai ix20 1.4l DOHC1396ManualPetrol2012HE
Hyundai ix20 1.4l DOHC with ISG1396ManualPetrol2012GD
Hyundai ix20 1.6l1591AutomaticPetrol2015HF
Hyundai ix20 1.6l CRDi Blue Drive1582ManualDiesel2015GC
Hyundai ix20 1.6l CRDi with ISG1582ManualDiesel2012GC
Hyundai ix20 1.6l DOHC1591AutomaticPetrol2011IG


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