Tax bands for all cars sold in the UK from 2001 to the present day
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VariantCCTransmissionFuelYearTax band (1/4/17 on)Tax band (pre 1/4/17)
Lotus Elise 111s1796ManualPetrol2002KK
Lotus Elise 2 seater sports cabriolet1796ManualPetrol2004KK
Lotus Elise 2 seater sports cabriolet1796ManualPetrol2008KK
Lotus Elise Elise1796ManualPetrol2000IH
Lotus Elise Elise1598ManualPetrol2011HF
Lotus Elise Elise1796ManualPetrol2010KK
Lotus Elise Elise1796ManualPetrol2001JI
Lotus Elise Elise 111 S1796ManualPetrol2000JH
Lotus Elise Elise 220 Cup1798ManualPetrol2016JH
Lotus Elise Elise 340 R1796ManualPetrol2000KK
Lotus Elise Elise Cup 2501798ManualPetrol2016JH
Lotus Elise Elise R1796ManualPetrol2011KJ
Lotus Elise Elise S1798ManualPetrol2014JH
Lotus Elise Elise S1798ManualPetrol2013JH
Lotus Elise Elise SC1796ManualPetrol2011KJ
Lotus Elise Elise Sport1598ManualPetrol2016HF
Lotus Elise Elise Sport 1601796ManualPetrol2000KK
Lotus Elise Elise Sport 2201798ManualPetrol2016JH
Lotus Elise Exige1796ManualPetrol2001KK


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