Tax bands for all cars sold in the UK from 2001 to the present day
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VariantCCTransmissionFuelYearTax band (1/4/17 on)Tax band (pre 1/4/17)
MG MG ZR 1051396ManualPetrol2005IG
MG MG ZR 10513965MTPetrol2001IG
MG MG ZR 12017965MTPetrol2001JH
MG MG ZR 120 (from VIN RF686033)1796ManualPetrol2003IH
MG MG ZR 120 Stepspeed1796CVTPetrol2001KJ
MG MG ZR 120 Stepspeed (from VIN RF686033)1796CVTPetrol2003KJ
MG MG ZR 1601796ManualPetrol2005JI
MG MG ZR 16017965MTPetrol2001JI
MG MG ZR Turbo Diesel19945MTDiesel2001HF
MG MG ZR Turbo Diesel - 74kW1994ManualDiesel2004HF
MG MG ZR Turbo Diesel - 83kW1994ManualDiesel2003HF


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