Tax bands for all cars sold in the UK from 2001 to the present day
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VariantCCTransmissionFuelYearTax band (1/4/17 on)Tax band (pre 1/4/17)
Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 Coupe3696AutomaticPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 Coupe3696ManualPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 Roadster3696ManualPetrol2010MM
Nissan 370Z 3.7 V6 Roadster3696AutomaticPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z Coupe3696AutomaticPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z Coupe3696ManualPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z Roadster3696AutomaticPetrol2010LL
Nissan 370Z Roadster3696ManualPetrol2010MM


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